VJ Anusha Dandekar writes open letter about spat with Kishwer Merchant

The online fear between the model and VJ Anusha Dandekar and television actor Kishwer Merchant shows no signs of release. VJ Anusha recently found amid a controversy with his friends and Kishwer Merchantt Suyyash Rai. And now the VJ’s recent post, which is a long letter, said: “In my loves, I guess I stayed calm enough. And support and eternal love are always appreciated from the heart.” In the United States, highest in the UK and especially in Australia, I have lived almost all my life in my country, it is curious that I find myself or lived, returns here always makes me feel more secure and comfortable. Someone did this in racial discrimination, simply because I have a different accent, is not so racist? In this 10 second video, they laughed at what he said, had nothing to do with accents or English. what he said!
It happened that Kishwer published a funny story of Insta with his friends Rahul Sharma and Gurneet Chadha. Anusha has tested both her strange English accent with her friend VJ Gaelyn in a video she shared in her Insta story. And so began this struggle. Earlier, when the video met Kishwer Anusha who insulted her friends, she could not help digging in the video jockey and had posted, “VJ Anusha nt, everyone is from Australia and all nt the world has their focus .. but they are my friends and have a good heart … unlike you and your friends who sit and make fun of two people in the history of their moments, who n Well do not even want to deny. “Husband Kishwer Suyyash Rai was also criticized for Anusha mocking the focus of his friends. Suyyash wrote: “U of boys probably well educated and probably have studied and lived abroad, my whole life is that I am too generous … Unfortunately, this guy comes from Punjab while as @kkundrra and I met LODH Payi vadda Desi labna v nai … grow. “Suyyash, who is a close friend of the groom Anusha Karan Kundra, has not stopped marking his article. He even mentioned how Karan a Desi Punjabi accent, unlike the Australian accent Anusha.

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