SC gives Centre, RBI time to devise plan for depositing

SC gives Centre, RBI time to devise plan for depositing

SC gives Centre, RBI time to devise plan for depositing

New Delhi, July 4 (PTI) The Supreme Court today granted the Center and Reserve Bank of India two weeks to consider giving a window to those who could not present their ticket Rs 500 currency and RM 1000 demonetized For a reason of weight.

A bank consisting of Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice D Chandrachud asked Attorney General Ranjit Kumar, on behalf of the Center, to accept instructions on the matter.

“There may be a situation where a person has lost his or her money without blame. Suppose a person is in prison during the period … We want to know why he has chosen to block these people,” said the banker.

The Attorney General then requested the time to seek instructions so that people could deposit their money in individual cases.

The court heard a batch of petitions, including one filed by Sudha Mishra’s directive requiring the authorities to allow him to file demonetized entries because he could not do so during the period specified by the Center and the RBI.

On November 8, the central government has announced Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 bills will no longer be legal on November 9.

The government has also ensured that people who have demonetized banknotes could change in banks, post offices and RBI agencies until December 30, 2016. If the people were not able to file them until now, they could not make the 31 March of 2017 to the branches of the IAF have complied with certain formalities.

On March 21, the highest court asked the government for what they chose not to create a separate category for those who could file the demonetized entries late on December 30, 2016 unlike NRIs and people abroad.

The Center informed the court that it had made a “conscious decision” not to extend the period after December 30 of last year for the exchange of devalued bills.

He also said he was not required by law to issue a new notice to grant a grace period to present or window abandoned tickets.

The highest court had received March 6 responses from the Center and the RBI on why démonetées notes were not accepted on March 31, as promised.

On March 10, he requested replies from the Center and the RBI in promoting change in the rules on the exchange of foreign exchange demonetized.

Prime Minister Narendra Modis led the nation in the afternoon of November 8 last year in the demonetization and subsequent notification of the National Bank has banned entries can be changed in the RBI offices as of March 31, 2017 were valid guarantees that have Been violated by the Order, the petitioner’s lawyer, Sudha Mishra, said.

The motive based on which the prime minister and the RBI had assured to the people in general that the devalued notes could be exchanged until the 30 of December of 2016, and 31 of March of 2017 RBI agencies previous fulfillment of the formalities.

The petitioner refers to the Ordinance on the suspension of specified banknotes and said breaking the insurance.

The order stated that only those who were abroad, military personnel have written in remote areas, or others that could give valid reasons for not presenting banknotes canceled at banks could present demonetized tickets until March 31, This year after the expiration on December 30, 2016.

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