India vs West Indies 4th ODI: MS Dhoni, in super slow-mo, fails to lead India to victory

India vs West Indies 4th ODI: MS Dhoni, in super slow-mo, fails to lead India to victory

India vs West Indies 4th ODI: MS Dhoni, in super slow-mo, fails to lead India to victory

MS Dhoni was a broken man and saw the match. India had succumbed to a shameful defeat, not to leave Antigua.

Minutes earlier, Dhoni had long stopped in India with the need for 14 the last seven deliveries. It was his first attempt at a blow, and as is often the case these days, he had found neither height nor distance, but only the gardener.

After the loss, Dhoni’s face was a picture of misery on the balcony of India. He was asleep and let loose while looking away.

And it took a teammate Dhoni to tap into his shoulder to shake him, literally, out of the dark trance. He offered a handshake, but the expression did not change.

Unfortunately for the former captain of India is an avatar of someone who plays often these days.

There were moments during the IPL – the game where Ben Stokes scored a century and the final itself – while Dhoni would be sitting on the bench after taking the head of a big shot, an envious one of his staff at his best but seems to leave quickly .

What’s worse, it’s not a young and exciting talent that bit his heels here in the Caribbean like Rishabh Pant, many of them with what it is already time to pass the front glove.

Dhoni who is not the finisher, who appeared three years ago. There have been enough cases to show that there is simply no blow with the same infallible consistency before.

Sometimes, as in this case in Antigua on Sunday and, often in the IPL, it did not last until the last lap.

But on Sunday 54 of 114 balls with a limit, the slowest half a century by an Indian in 16 years, was a frightening example of how the power play has slipped and even invoked comparisons with the infamy of Sunil Gavaskar 36 not towards Out of 160 balls in the first match of the World Cup in India. Who would have thought that one day would force Dhoni to remember the worst Gavaskar moment?
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India vs West Indies, ms ms dhoni dhoni 50, 50 Dhoni, cricket news, cricket, sports news, Indian Express But very often these days when you want to hit, he ends up playing long flat shot and low-on-off Or long.

For which Dhoni will have to be the most clinical finishing unit in the history of ODI cricket, his greatest strength was always finding the limit when it was necessary.

But too often these days, as soon as he wants to hit, he ends up playing in a flat, weak long long off. Dhoni spent some time working on his swing bat and charging in his backward position to somehow regain the power lost.

However, although it seems to work inside and out – as repeatedly during his 74 * match of 78 balls in the third ODI that included a potent sixth live – Dhoni still does not connect his wallops attempts on the ground with it Ferocity than before.

Consequently, try out new options and outside areas to hit the ball.

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