Best smartphone under 8000 in India

Best smartphone under 8000 in India


We have grouped the list of the 10 best phones under Rs 8000 for that month in India. These include the best Android phones available in India from reputed manufacturers. Most of these phones also support 4G networks in India and should offer decent performance for the price. With features such as 2GB / 3GB of RAM and compatible processors, it will not be delayed. Just to clarify, hybrid phones with SIM slot allow you to place a second SIM card or microSD card, but not both at the same time, so this is inconvenient.



The best Android smartphones Rs 8000 – Updated 11 / May / 2017 – The list of the latest smartphones evaluated below 8K in India that offers good performance and specifications. In this comparison position, we included 4G smartphones with four cores and Octa-Core processor and RAM to buy 2/3 in 2017.


Some of the best budget smartphones with 13 MP camera rear or autofocus smartphones with front camera of 5 MP and 8 MP are included. Most of these smartphones are best-selling online and have excellent performance for the price.


We also added good phones with 4G LTE and VoLTE, excellent battery life, a fingerprint scanner and Android marshmallow. There are virtually no Android phones with nougat in this price range.


Xiaomi readmi 3S is the best 10 high smartphones 4G under Rs 8000 / – India. The phone runs on Android 6.0.1 marshmallow and powered by a 64-bit 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Octa Core processor.


Redmi 3S offers many features such as 2GB of RAM, 4G LTE and the best part is much 4100 mAh battery. The phone is available in 3 different colors, however, dark gray and silver for Rs. 6,999 /


These are the top 10 mobile phones at Rs 8000 in India (2017):


1.       Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus: 5 Inch 3 GB RAM 16 GB ROM 13 MP 5.1 Android
2.       Moto E3 Power: 5 inches 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM 8MP Android 6.0
3.       Xiaomi redmi 3S: 5-inch 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
4.       Panasonic P88: 5.3 Inch 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
5.       Panasonic P55 New: 5.3 Inch 3GB RAM 16GB ROM 13MP Android 6.0
6.       Panasonic Eluga Tapp: 5 Inch 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 8MP Android 6.0
7.       Panasonic Eluga Arc2: 5 Inch 3 GB RAM 32 GB ROM 8MP Android 6.0
8.       Samsung Galaxy Pro in 5: 720 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM 8MP Android 6.0
9.       Lenovo A6600 Plus: 5-inch 2 GB RAM 16GB ROM 8-bit Android 6.0
10.   Lenovo A7700: 5.5 inches 2 GB RAM 16 GB ROM 8 MP Android 6.0


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