Acting guru Roshan Taneja on the students who disproved the belief that ‘actors are born, not made’

Roshan Taneja has trained dozens of Hindi filmmakers since the early 1960s, first at the Film and Television Institute in India and later at his private school in Mumbai, the school action Roshan Taneja. He studied with the legendary Sanford Meisner at the Theater School District Theater in New York City and returned to Mumbai to become an actor. After participating in several films, Taneja became the interim coach with surprising results.

In excerpts he published his memory moments of truth My life with action, Taneja look at the students who trained FTII and his school in Mumbai. It was the summer of 1968; We auditions throughout the day and issued a blank space without penalty candidate has not yet been demonstrated. In the afternoon, the Division staff of the film that helped us forward the application of a candidate named Jaya Bhaduri. It was mentioned that she had worked with Mahanagar of Satyajit Ray at the cinema at the age of 15. Curious, we told him about his experience working with Manik da, while Satyajit Ray was affectionately called.

She spoke to us and made us the room she was assigned to him, it did quite well, but maybe they want to make more impression on the selection, she said she would show us her own piece. He arrived with the corpse of a child in his outstretched arms, and with it, very slowly, moved around the room, which shows a deeply emotional and affectionate lament of a loving mother. She offsets a lot of dry patches she suffered during the audience period with her performance.

Tshering Denzongpa went on to be called “Danny” by his classmate Jaya Bhaduri and easy to learn in their language, the name has been blocked from Danny Denzongpa became famous. His first ambition, however, was to join the Indian Army, and asked the prestigious Medical College of the Armed Forces to audition, we saw it and I knew it: I had in it; It was very difficult to play the role of actor.

The next of my students to do anything was Kiran Kumar (real name Deepak Dar), who took the surname of his mother. He is the son of the legendary actor Jeevan. The picture he had sent with his request left us the most curious: he was naked, muscular and looked like a heavyweight fighter. This made me wonder if Jeevan Sahib had seen the picture before sending it to us. But it was Deepak (I always call him) a remarkable force of will that made us see the change in a few months. It poured all of its unwanted weight, and it was fixed in size and nice with us.
The real name of Mithun Chakraborty is Gauranga, whose sound is like a gong and quite impressive. I said, but he told me that Gauranga looked pale skin, and as it was dark, he had changed Mithun. For his first film Mrigaya, he won the National Award for Best Actor. It was 1976 and I started my course in Juhu. He came with the price and stood before me, smiling with pride. I was very happy for him. I’ve taken some courses for myself for about three months, until I’m busy with some other tasks that quickly happened.

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