4G smartphone with best battery life


The smartphones in this list have the best life and battery capacity with 4000, 5000 mAh (milli-ampere-hours or ampere-hours). We have included a feature smartphones with reversible charge and quick-charge base.


The list of smartphones is consolidated after a thorough analysis of all models available worldwide. The long battery life of smart phones are an ideal companion if you travel a lot or use it daily for hours. These are the best smartphone battery with support for 4G.


We usually fight for battery life with low battery capacity, and we often find recharging points at airports, coffee shops and long trips. The item has the best long mobile life of Rs. 5000 ($ 75).


With the increasing use of 4G data, particularly the distribution of videos and games, the battery more quickly. The alternative is to have a power bank, but most people do not want to carry an extra device at all times. This requires the purchase of a battery in the optimal smartphone.


You can check the specifications of the Top 10 smartphones mentioned later in this article and click on the following link to access the details of each smartphone. I would suggest reading the publication below, will review the content of smartphones that you might consider buying.


Here are the top smartphones of battery life, starting with the Nubia N1 big battery phone battery with 5000 mAh capacity.


List of the best phones with battery backup with prices ranging from Rs. 248 to Rs. 64,412. We found 111 mobiles. A summary of the results:


The most popular phones: redmi Rating Xiaomi 4 Xiaomi redmi range 3S Prime and Gionee A1 at the top of the popularity charts.


Best Cell Phones: The best phones to buy are Oppo F3 Plus with a score of 96, Samsung Galaxy Pro C9 with a score of 94 and Asus Zenfone Ultra 3 with a score of 93.


Performance: Oppo mobile phones such as the F3 Plus Samsung Galaxy Pro and C9 Umi Plus E offer smooth running and no delays.


Screen: Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Pro C9, Pro and Samsung Galaxy A9 M5 Gionee Marathon Plus have good resolution and color reproduction.


Camera: With more megapixels and vivid images, Oppo F3 Plus, Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra and Coolpad Cool1 Dual 3 GB of RAM are the best buy in camera performance.


Battery: Mobile as Doogee T6 Pro BLU BLU and Power M X Power Plus 2 offers a long battery life.


Latest battery backup phones: Recent releases include Micromax Evok qualification, Cold Coolpad1 Dual 3 GB RAM and Gionee A1.




Here is the list of Best Smartphones with 4G



·         ZTE Nubia N1
·         Lenovo P2ZTE A2 Plus (5000 MAH Battery Back Up) Price Rs 10999 Or $170
·         Xiaomi Redmi 3S $120 Or Rs 6999
·         Motorola Moto E3 Power Price Rs. 8,000 Or $ 130
·         Intex Aqua Y2 Power Priced At Rs. 3,009 Or $50


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